About Us

Lynne & Bob Griffin welcome You!

Thank you for finding us and welcome to our home in Lancaster County! We’ve been innkeepers now for over 10 years, and each day is something new. We consider ourselves very fortunate to spend time doing what we love to do: providing a warm, inviting and relaxed atmosphere for people seeking a little time away.

We’ve become experts in all things Lancaster. If you want to know where to go shop, eat, sight-see, be entertained or just ‘be’, just ask. We’re happy to share our knowledge of the area. There are so many interesting things to see and do here, and most of them are only a short drive from our B&B.

Over 14,000 guests have walked in and out our front door since we started. That’s a LOT of coffee! Each day is a new adventure. We’ve learned so much and met many interesting and inspiring people. It is our hope that you find the Australian Walkabout Inn a place of respite in your journey.


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