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About the Walkabout Inn

Welcome to our home in Lancaster County! For years we’d wanted to own a bed & breakfast, but the dream was always for ‘someday’. It wasn’t until early 2006 when staying at a B&B in Washington, VA that we began to think about that dream as a reality.

Leaving the hectic, crazy pace of the Washington, D.C. Metro area was the easy part. Leaving our good friends was much more difficult. We didn’t want to move too far away, so Lancaster was ideal. The Walkabout Inn had been on the market for only six months when we saw it. It was perfect for our needs. Five guest rooms, large owners’ quarters and a carriage house for future renovations were several of the things on our wish list. Good schools, reasonably priced real estate and a thriving tourism industry were three of the ‘must-haves’.

After the decision was made to make the move, all the cards fell into place to make for a seamless transition. We moved in on August 21, 2007 and welcomed our first guests three days later. Every day is a new adventure. We’ve learned so much and met many interesting and inspiring people. It is our hope that you find the Australian Walkabout Inn a place of respite in your journey.

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We are just 10 minutes from Sight & Sound Theaters. 

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